Make A Difference

The people of Haiti need your help. That need has been highlighted yet again by another natural disaster. As in the past, when natural disasters have brought Haiti into the consciousness of the wider world, many people have jumped at the opportunity to extend their generosity. Food, water, and medicine move rapidly into Haiti to provide relief. It is wonderful to witness that outpouring in the days and weeks following these disasters.

Unfortunately, once the dust settles and the immediacy of the need fades, so too does Haiti fade from people’s consciousness. Yet, the need never fades. Haiti perpetually faces a lack of clean water, malnutrition, crippling unemployment, poor health care, lack of education and political turmoil. If only there were an immediate solution to such vast problems.

Thankfully, there are people who give their lives day in and day out nourishing, teaching, healing and housing children. They build schools, orphanages, and churches. They employ people who, otherwise, would have no prospect of a job. They welcome the short-term relief efforts, but they were here long before Hurricane Matthew and they plan to be here long after. They know what is Hurricane Matthew this month is riots over the election next month. The need never fades.

But neither has the commitment faded of people like John Fitts, Josue Lamy, and Matt & Sarah Rideout. In this time of need, please consider giving to the Chadasha Foundation, an organization faithfully serving the people of Haiti for 6 years. Your contribution will take the long-term view of building a foundation of leaders who will change Haiti in substantive, sustainable ways. Commit with us as we commit for the long haul. While earthquakes and hurricanes will come and go, Chadasha plans to remain and care for the people we love.


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