The English class at Port-Au-Prince was established with a vision to spread the Gospel through teaching English in Haiti. 11 English classes are held weekly where the team sees 200 to 250 students each week. Our hope through the English program is to help Haitians have more opportunities to be self-sufficient, create greater job opportunities, and provide for themselves by being able to communicate effectively online through email and other forms of communication, opening up more business opportunities.

In 2013, John Fitts created a discipleship opportunity for leadership training. This program trains many English program graduates who expressed an interest in going deeper in their commitment to follow Jesus. The discipleship course is a one-year course that covers The Timothy Initiative (TTIOnline.org) material, which gives an overview of the Bible with a focus on making disciples.The inaugural class had 13, this year’s class grew to 17 disciples. The goal for this rigorous class is that each student will disciple another person or a group of people. The students will go and share the gospel in their communities. Some of the students will become teachers in Chadasha’s English program, and some will help lead another discipleship class.

Meet the Port-Au-Prince Team!

1-01John Fitts

John Fitts has been involved in missions for several years, and has been with Chadasha since March of 2009. Originally from Virginia, he currently resides in Port-Au-Prince. Fitts heads the the Discipleship and English programs across Port-Au-Prince. This is the second year for the Discipleship Program and he currently has 11 English classes being held.





2-01Josué Lamey

Josué Lamey was born in Port-Au-Prince. He gave his life to Christ in 2007 and has since given himself to the ministry. In September 2011, Chadasha asked Josué to be a translator. Lamey started working with John Fitts and within a few months he started teaching English classes and Bible study. In 2014, John and Josué started a disciple class. This class has been instrumental in the lives of young Haitians. Now, Josué works with John as a manager, translator, and handles logistics for teams. He also assists John overseeing the finances.