Montrouis Orphan Retreat Center

The Montrouis Retreat Center provides a place for under-supported orphanages to get out of their four walls, hear the gospel, and see hope beyond their world. In 2015 the Retreat Center welcomed almost 4,500 Haitian orphans in addition to, completing 10 construction projects to improve the site.The center offers a well-rounded assortment of programs for the children. They include: basic medical evaluations, sports activities, bible classes, worship services, craft classes, group games, hygiene classes, supplies distribution, and interaction with short-term mission teams from our church partners in the US.

Multiple construction projects were completed at the Montrouis Retreat Center this year. In 2015, the team was able to complete a shower building, build and furnish a kitchen and dining area, build a utility building, install a desalination water plant, install electrical connections to the public power grid, build 1,200 square foot chapel, build an 850 gallon water tower, and replace the roof and screen in the porch of the guardian house. While buildings and kitchens do not change lives, they are tools that allow bellies to be filled and respite from the sun rays. The team is excited to have received the funding for the first of eight dorms to be built. With the enhanced programs and spaces to accommodate programming, the focused discipleship opportunities are more realistic.

Meet the Montrouis Team!

rideoutMatt and Sarah Rideout

Matt and Sarah Rideout have been involved as missions for several years and have been with Chadasha since November of 2011. Originally from Tennessee, they currently live in Montrouis where they are organizing and managing the Orphan Retreat Center with their two daughters, Olive (2) and Willow (4). They have completed multiple projects with the help of multiple groups and family that have increased their ability to serve the children of Montrouis.