Jimani Hospital

Jimani is now under the leadership of Dr. Yirdana Corporan Perez de Pujols and her husband Elias. In 2007, while Dr. Corporan was completing her residency, Chadasha asked her to move to Jimani and oversee the clinic.

Together Yirdana and Elias are a wonderful team. They are both committed Christians who long to serve their neighbors in Jimani. Yirdana has faithfully overseen the clinic for nine years. Now, Chadasha plans to expand Yirdana’s role. She, along with Elias, envisions using Chadasha’s facilities to train families how to locate and prepare nutritional foods, provide theological and biblical training to area pastors, offer sports camps to young people and provide English language training.


Chadasha is blessed to have such faithful, passionate, Dominican leaders in Jimani through the people of Jimani.

The clinic continues to grow and now offers the following services:

  • General medicine consulting
  • Ophthamology
  • Dentistry
  • A laboratory
  • Eye Surgery
  • Education for the community


Guest Housing

The Guest House hosts multiple mission teams every year. Some work on the facilities. Others get involved with Batey 41 and the surrounding community. Many serve as medical mission teams. Up to 80 guests can stay on-site. Rooms vary in size and can accommodate as few as two people and as many as 16. Complete with a large kitchen, Yinabel Corporan and her staff are fully equipped to feed large teams. Chadasha’s goal is to provide a place of rest and nourishment in order to equip teams for the work God has called them to do in Jimani. Moreover, given Yinabel’s skill as a cook and her training in hospitality management, guests will get a taste of Dominican cuisine and culture.

Meet the Jimani Team!

yirdana and elisas

Yirdana & Elias Corporan

Yirdana Corporan, a native of Santo Domingo, made the decision to giver her life to Jesus Christ at the young age of seventeen. At nineteen, she confirmed that covenant to serve Jesus forever. Thanks so God, in 2004 she received the title of Doctor in Medicine from Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo. Yirdana was asked to work with a team in Jimani shortly there after, and she immediately accepted. Elias is a hardworking Christian of high integrity. He is dedicated to community service. Yirdana and Elias make a great team. Today they serve God through Chadasha, a ministry born out of the needs of Jimani and the surrounding areas.