Mission Statement

The Chadasha Foundation is an international non-profit that provides spiritual and physical healing to the poorest of poor in Haiti and the Dominican Republic in the name of Jesus. The Foundation includes children’s ministry, medical missions, Biblical education, a heart program and support to churches and many other ministries in both countries.


In early 2000, Dr. Clint Doiron came to Haiti and the Dominican Republic on a medical mission trip and met Dr. Marc Pinard. Pinard took Doiron from village to village, introducing him to individuals in need of his medical expertise. Doiron saw first hand the devastation, turmoil, and lack of basic medical essentials. He was heartbroken and wanted to help.

Later, Doiron was able to acquire a tract of land – a goat field- in Jimani with the help of other individuals. It was here that Chadasha started building what would become the foundation for Chadasha, the medical clinic. Then disaster struck. Haiti was hit by three hurricanes and one tropical storm, all during 2008. Volunteers came to help from all over, and the Jimani medical hospital was operating in full-swing. With the help of Pinard and other, Chadasha was made official in 2009. Shortly after Chadasha was founded, the foundation was put to the test. The earthquake that shook the whole world hit in 2010, causing thousands to flood the medical hospital in search of help, shelter and guidance. Volunteers and workers stepped up to help out a few thousand of the 1.5 million homeless and injured. Since then, Chadasha (with help from locals) has turned the hospital into a safe-haven for Haitians and Dominicans alike.

Since 2009, the Chadasha Foundation has grown. In addition to the hospital, Chadasha supports two orphanages, a discipleship program, two schools, pediatric heart surgery, an orphan retreat center, multiple churches, a school and an isolated old slave camp called Batey 41. With the help of medical personnel like Yirdana Corporan, a Dominican doctor, the hospital offers medicine to the community and takes cases ranging from basic aches and pains to cardiac emergencies. She refers patients to other doctors who can help with diagnoses exceeding her capabilities. Doctors who specialize in cardiac care, eye surgeries, and spinal surgeries come to Jimani to treat individuals in need. Chadasha’a reach goes far beyond that of medical care. We serve the people of Haiti and Dominical Republic year-round without missing a beat, especially the heartbeats of small children.